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Balusters are small curly bars, designed to support railing staircases, balustrades, balconies, terraces, etc. It is from these products that the durability and reliability of the railing, the strength and stability of the ladder depend. Balusters are made from solid stone blanks, and are designed not only to serve as supports for all horizontal elements, but also to complement the aesthetic appearance of the entire object. Very beautiful and elegant granite baluster, in combination with the railing of granite. The spaces in which balusters from granite are used look aristocratic and elegant. As proof of the foregoing, the fact is that more than one century these products are not out of fashion and are actively used today.


      If compared with other building materials for the manufacture of balusters and handrails, then for a variety of indicators, the granite will not be equal. Granite products are not afraid of moisture, high and low temperatures, unchanged for centuries, do not burn out and do not scratch. Many of the staircase marches of ancient times, which survived to this day, were made of this solid material.

 Invoices and sizes

      Since there is no single standard size of balusters and railings, the company "Volodar" makes them to order, with the customer's size. Our production is ready to fulfill the order of any complexity and volume in the time you need. Also, you can give the surface of the balusters and railing any possible texture.


The most common types of balusters:

Finished baluster. The product, in the horizontal section of which is laid a round shape. The most popular and widespread species.

Tessellated baluster. A product with a regular polygon or square in the horizontal section.

The carved baluster. The product, most often, made by hand because of the complex sculptural form.


      Balusters and handrails are the main details of the balustrade, but for its creation you may also need posts, pedestals, covers, pommels and podbalyatsniki. Curbstones and pillars are the supporting elements of the entire structure. They are covered with covers to protect them from moisture. Sometimes, on the lids are installed various decorative objects: sculptures, bowls, balls, lamps, etc. Balusters are mounted on the sub-basin: common (for several pieces), or individual (for each balanine separately).

The railing is divided into two types: straight and radial. More complex forms of handrails are created using a combination of these two types.


The right balustrade is, first of all, the safety of people and young children who will use the stairwell. You can meet such an object in various places: private houses, government institutions, entrance groups, terraces, gardens, parks, theaters, etc.

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