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A border, in road construction, is called flush-mounted onboard stone, which serves to separate the carriageway from sidewalks, parking lots, lawns, public transport stops, etc. Roughly speaking, it also protects pedestrians and sidewalks from collision of transport. This is one of the most important elements in road construction, designed to strengthen the roadway and serve as a designation or separation of the beginning and completion of the roadway. Also, for decorative purposes it is used for the improvement of fountains, garden paths, artificial ponds, flower beds, etc.


      A very practical material for manufacturing is granite. For work and exploitation in the open air this natural building material has no equal: high frost resistance, low abrasion, longevity, strength, beauty and unpretentiousness. All these qualities combined with the color richness of granite create a unique offer for customers. Also, because of the enormous durability of granite, such material will be a reasonable investment, because in 5-10 years it will not have to be replaced or repaired. Divide the cost of the granite product for the years of its service, and you will understand why this particular natural stone is so popular in construction.


      Special cute are the original curbs: polished, embossed, chipped, multifactured. But, nevertheless, most customers prefer the most practical textural solutions - sawn borders.


      The company "Volodar" can produce for you curb stones of any desired size. We can even make curved, radial curbs, which are used for departures from residential quarters, cornering of streets and sidewalks, decoration of round flower beds, etc.


Curb stones have a lot of applications:

separation of the carriageway of roads and driveways from lawns and sidewalks;

separation of the carriageway of streets from sidewalks at congresses, tunnels and distribution strips;

separation of the carriageway from sidewalks on overpasses and bridges;

the separation of sidewalks and foot paths from lawns;

Arrangement of entrances from the roadway to the sidewalks.


      It should be noted that the curb is mandatory when laying tiles, pavers and other types of coatings. It serves as a holding frame for paving, and will not, over time, break down the entire site.

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