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Breccias are called slabs of irregular shapes and different sizes, remaining after the production of other products. Breccia has the same advantages as a plate, except for the correctness of its shape. This feature perfectly emphasizes the natural origin of the stone.


Breccia, made of solid rock - granite, has many advantages: low coefficient of abrasion, high moisture and frost resistance, durability, strength, reliability, beauty, etc.


Breccia, as a rule, has a sawed or polished surface texture. For giving anti-slip properties, it is possible to make the breccia heat-treated.


Granite breccia is working on a variety of objects:


External and internal steps, floors, in places with intensive traffic of people (railway stations, metro, underground passages, offices, entertainment and shopping centers, etc.)

Entrance groups, socles and facades.

Urban construction and accomplishment: embankments, alleys, fountains, monuments, memorial complexes, objects of park architecture.


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