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Fountain - a structure for the supply and discharge of water under pressure and architectural, artistic framing of such a structure. It is a very beautiful, exciting and appeasing element of decor, which has become accessible to everyone, because of the improvement of production technologies, the variety of forms and materials.


      Of course, natural stone is a very worthy material for making a fountain or a bowl. Why exactly granite? The answer is more than convincing: it is not erased, is not afraid of high and low temperatures, very durable, has moisture-repellent properties, is diverse in its types and colors. The fountain made of it will not require special care, even during the severe winter period. The variety of color solutions is huge, and in the skillful hands of the master this stone will take any shape that the customer likes.


You can do a fountain of granite in two ways.


First, a fountain consisting of solid stone elements. Such a product will cost the owner more than the next type, but the view of such a fountain is very respectable and prestigious.

The second is a fountain. Especially good for the improvement of large fountains. The finished base (concrete, for example) is covered with granite slabs. More economical option.


Depending on the purpose and size of the fountains, all of them, conditionally, can be divided into three groups:

Park fountains

Large, complex structures that are installed in the central squares of cities, parks, alleys, embankments, gardens, residences, halls of buildings, etc. They become part of landscape architecture, a visiting card and a landmark of the city.

Outdoor fountains

To decorate and create an atmosphere of relaxation in the room, this view is perfect. Such fountains can be found in a bank, restaurant, office, hotel, beauty salon. Such fountains, as a rule, are collapsible, which allows them to be installed on any floor or, if necessary, re-assembled elsewhere.

Table Fountains

This fountain will fit into any interior, and will not only be an ornament, a decorative element, but an additional way of humidifying the air. It is not bulky and easy to install and transport.

 Invoices and sizes

      The company "VOLODAR" produces fountains and elements for them of any complexity. At the request of the client, you can give the surface any of the possible textures. The produced dimensions of one part are limited by our technical capabilities to cut out objects no more than 330 cm by 152 cm. Otherwise, there are no restrictions.

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