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Granite tiles

Tile is a very popular building material that is used for exterior and interior decoration of buildings and arrangement of floor coverings.


      Granite is the best option for the production of slabs. Since, very often, the tiling or floor covering of tiles are located outside the premises, the solid rock stone, granite, can withstand any temperature fluctuations, excess moisture, while retaining its excellent appearance. It should be noted that such a tile does not require special, additional care, which is very convenient. And if the floor, made of tiles, is designed for a place with a large cross, then the unique low properties of abrasion of this stone will be very useful.


      If it is a question of paving slabs, plates for external facing of steps or platforms, then such products are necessarily given an anti-sliding texture of the surface: heat-treated, sawed, ground, buchardized. And for internal lining of floors and steps, or facing of walls and facades with a stone, polished or glossy textures are often used.


      We can produce for you plates of any size, and shape. Plates of a larger size are mounted more quickly and have fewer seams. But the most popular options are products 30x30cm, 30x40cm, 30x50cm, 30x60cm, 40x50cm, 40x60cm, 60x60cm. Tiles of this size are available in our warehouses in different colors.


      Plates order for a variety of works. If we talk about the exterior decoration, it is the decoration of facades and socles, fountains and flower beds, fences and parapets, squares and parking, garden paths and yards. In interior decoration, slabs are used to create mosaics and floors, walls and columns, pools and steps.


      The production of tiles is one of the main areas of our work, therefore all production stages are honed and adjusted. Such a coating will be unique and unrepeatable in view of all possible forms of shape, styling and color tiles. In contrast to the artificial building materials made in the factory according to the template, we can produce slabs of any size that the customer needs, which is very practical, for example, when facing buildings. Also, we can order tiles of different thickness, depending on the needs and purpose.


      By cutting blocks on stone cutting machines, we cut the plates. Then the plates of the right size are given the correct texture, drying and quality control is carried out. Our location allows the company to directly buy the highest quality stone from the best deposits of natural granite.

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