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Slabs or slabs are called monolithic large slabs, obtained as a result of cutting stone blocks. In other words, it is a slab-billet 20 or 30 mm thick. On slabs, you can cut any stone if it is mined by blocks. Also, it is not only a workpiece, but also the largest in the area of ​​seamless lining material.


      Our company produces slabs from hard rock, from granites of various deposits and colors. Since, most often this material is used in outdoor robots, such unique qualities of granite as strength, moisture and frost resistance, minimal abrasion and durability will become irreplaceable for the customer.


      The texture of the slab surface can be given any, depending on the purpose and location of installation of the building material. Slabs should be made polished, if they are used for internal steps or floors, as well as for external facing of facades and buildings, and sawed or heat-treated texture should be given if it is an external steps or areas.

 Dimensions and weight

      The dimensions of the product directly depend on the size of the source material (block), and the thickness of what the future building material will be intended for. Slabs have uneven, irregular edges, so the manufacturer indicates not the overall dimensions, but the dimensions of the useful part of the product. Basically, slabs are: from 80x60 cm to 330x152 cm, with a standard thickness of 20 mm and 30 mm. It should be noted that such overall, monolithic product has a solid weight, approximately 1 m2 slab of standard thickness: 20 mm - 55 kg, 30 mm - 83 kg. When manufacturing a slab, you can choose any thickness that you want the customer.


      Slabs are used for outdoor works, such as: finishing facades, socles, steps, barbecue zones, ritual objects, decoration with large plates, cover plates, etc. In interior decoration, slabs serve to create floors, steps, window sills, tables, rails, bar counters, fireplaces, etc.


      The advantage of this facing material is a large, continuous beauty of the picture of natural stone. A table top, a wall or a window-sill made of solid stone will be a magnificent decoration for any space. The granite slab, unlike marble or other stones of soft rocks, is much more versatile and wider in scope and better performance indicators.


      Slab can be obtained by cutting a block on a special machine. At the next stage of production, the product is given the desired surface texture. A feature of working with slabs is their large size and weight, so when producing and transporting you need to be extra careful.

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