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Steps are elements of an internal or external structure of a ladder connecting two or more floors of either a diverse multi-level platform. The steps can be integral or overhead. One-piece steps are completely cut out of stone. But the overhead steps, consisting of a tread and riser (granite slabs, the right size), are mounted already on the brick, concrete, etc. prepared in the form of steps. structure.


      An excellent building material for the production of different grades is granite. First of all, through its unique properties of low abrasion, great durability, temperature resistance and great durability. Also, granite is highly decorative, has a variety of color dyes and colors. In any case, whether it is internal or external application, granite will be an excellent choice!


      In the manufacture of steps, we strongly recommend that they be provided with an anti-slip surface. Particularly when it comes to steps in the open air. There are several good processing methods: polished, sawn, bucarded, heat-treated. Also, it is possible to solve the problem of a slippery surface by stepping on the rough longitudinal stripes, parallel cutting the full length, or gluing an abrasive tape.


      As a rule, we manufacture customized steps, giving them that unique shape and size given to us by the customer. We are ready to produce any products without limitations in size and complexity.


      To meet stone steps in the streets of the city can be at every step, and with the development of technology, cheaper production, stairs and steps of natural granite have become an affordable luxury for any private home.


      There are three most popular variants of execution of stages. The first, direct, most simple and inexpensive method, when the direct step is laid out from segments of a certain length, is repeated at different levels. The second, curvilinear of linear segments. In this case, having a radius of curvature, the steps look like a semicircle, but consist of several straight elements. And the third, curvilinear of the radial segments. Such steps are the most expensive, because they are carved into the shape of arcs. But, they have a monolithic appearance and a minimum of joints.


     The steps are made in several stages. If to generalize, then a detail of the desired shape and size is cut out of the stone blocks, then the desired texture is given to it. Read the catalog of stones to choose the granite that best suits your object.

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