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About production VOLODAR

In Zhytomyr region, one of the largest natural stone deposits in the CIS is located, which contributed to the development of stone mining and processing in the region. The proximity to the capital (about 100 km from Kiev), developed transport system and granite quarries with unique views created favorable conditions for the creation and growth of our company. "Volodar" was established in 2000, and over the years has become one of the leading enterprises for working with stone in the Zhytomyr region. We have established close cooperation with all granite quarries represented in the region, and we directly receive supplies of high quality quality stone. This moment significantly shortens the production time of any order. It is impossible not to remember the team of people working with us. The best specialists of their business create unique products every day and implement someone's sketches. Each specialist is responsible for his own, a separate part of the production in this multi-stage and complex process.

Conditionally all our objects can be divided into three groups: office, production and warehouse.

We are a manufacturer, buying wholesale materials and equipment, so our prices are the most reasonable in the market. We are interested in that all our customers are satisfied with the ratio of good price and excellent quality.


Progress does not stand still, and together with it we keep pace with the times, using and studying the latest methods of stone processing.

Even at the height of the season, thanks to the large production facilities and well-coordinated staff work, we are ready to cooperate and make your order. And for those who want to quickly acquire standard products (slabs, tiles, paving blocks, curbs, breccia, etc.) in our warehouses, we maintain a large assortment and number of such products. Also, we provide delivery and installation services for our granite products.

For 15 years of fruitful work, we took part in the construction and reconstruction of a huge number of different objects: Interactively supply exceptional ideas and market-driven expertise. Globally myocardinate. Competently redefine stand-alone e-services rather than extensible solutions.

We value the time and money of our customers, and by inviting you to cooperation, we guarantee high quality and excellent service.!
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